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User agreement

This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the agreement) governs the relationship between the client and the agent (jointly referred to as the "parties", and separately - the "party") in terms of the intermediary services provided by the agent. By placing an order in accordance with the agreement, the client confirms his consent and acceptance of the terms of the agreement.


1.1 Agent - store that provides intermediary services to customers in accordance with the agreement; 1.2. Client - an individual who is interested in and / or has applied to an agent for mediation services; 1.3. Intermediary services - actions of an agent carried out by an agent on his own behalf, but at the expense of the client, aimed at organizing the interaction of the client with the players to carry out certain actions within the framework of the corresponding game; 1.4. Game - an interactive computer online game, which is a computer program; 1.5. Player - a person taking part in the game; 1.6. Game object - game item, game resource; 1.7. Game item - game artifacts, armor, clothing, other things, as well as other individually defined items used in the game; 1.8. Game resource - game currency (adena, gold, silver, coins, kinahs, yuan, etc.), recognized by the rules of the corresponding game as a game means of payment or other game conventional unit that provides a measure of one or another game value, progress in the game, etc. .P.; 1.9. Character leveling - actions carried out in accordance with the rules of the game through appropriate participation in the game, aimed at: a) an increase in certain game characteristics of the character: experience, skills, level, abilities, etc. qualitative and / or quantitative characteristics of the character of the game, - and / or b) passing one or another game stage; 1.10 Agent's website - the agent's website hosted under the domain name


2.1. The client is obliged to carefully read the agreement and other rules and instructions regarding the provision of intermediary services by the agent (posted on the agent's website); 2.2. To place an order, the client chooses the necessary service through the form on the agent's website and fills in all the fields marked as required. Among other things, these fields will contain the essential terms of the transaction concluded by the agent with third parties (players) for the execution of the agreement, the agent has the right to deviate from these conditions only on the condition that this does not infringe on the interests of the client and does not entail additional costs for him. In relation to conditions not agreed by the client, the agent has the right to act at its own discretion. 2.3. The client, by sending the completed form to the agent, gives his full and unconditional consent to comply with the agreement and other conditions for the provision of services by the agent set forth on the agent's website, as well as the terms of transactions selected by the client when filling out the form (nature, volume of services, their cost, etc.) where the agent will enter into transactions with third parties in order to fulfill the agreement. 2.4. When transferring money through payment systems (Webmoney, Qiwi, Interkassa, Unitpay, etc.), you make a charitable donation to us, and We, in gratitude, share the game currency with you. 2.5. After submitting the order form, the client makes payment at the specified rate. The specified amount of payment is sent by the agent to pay for the player's actions on the transaction concluded with the agent in the interests of the client, and also includes the agent's remuneration under the agreement. 2.6. Payment is made by any of the methods indicated on the agent's website. The parties, by mutual agreement, can choose another method of payment. 2.7. The agent undertakes to take the necessary actions to fulfill the agreement within a reasonable time. As a rule, the agent indicates the usual deadlines for the corresponding order on the agent's website. 2.8. The client can instruct the agent to conclude a deal with the player in order to perform actions that lead to the transfer of a game item to the client, pumping a character or for other purposes, as well as other actions specified on the agent's website. 2.9. Delivery of game currency can take from 5 minutes to 1 day. 2.10. If the agent has not fulfilled the order to the client within the terms indicated on the agent's website, then the client has the right to demand a return of the funds transferred or the agent can return them at his discretion.


We inform you: Items, goods and services that We offer are not provided by order of a legal entity or individual or an enterprise using the Webmoney Transfer system. We independently make decisions about prices and offers. Companies using the Webmoney Transfer system do not receive commissions or other remuneration for participating in the provision of services and do not bear any responsibility for our activities. The certification, which is carried out by Webmoney Transfer, confirms our contact details and identity. The certification is carried out at our request and does not imply that We are associated with the sales of the operator

Refund Policy

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